70-74 Barracuda Fuel Tank Filler Neck-Repro





Reproduction Barracuda Fuel Tank Filler Neck. Replaces OEM Part # 2962213. This Filler Neck is Correct for all 70-71 Barracuda’s Built from the beginning of the 1970 production, to the end of June 1971 only. It can be used on the Barracuda’s built after June 1971 to the end of the 1974 Model Year as well. However, you must then use the earlier Shallow Style, Single Bayonet Lock Tab Fuel Cap instead, as the later Double Lock Tab Fuel Caps will not tighten down and make a good seal. The Original after June 71 to 74 Production Filler Neck was OEM Part # 3583573 and had a Deeper Angled Edge for the later style Cap to Tighten down against. If you have a later production Barracuda and prefer to have the correct Deep Tab Filler Neck instead of this Repro, then give us a call, as we may be able to help you with a good used Filler Neck.