70-74 E Body and 71-74 B Body Door Glass Up Stop Rubber Bumpers 4pcs


Reproduction. SKU # BB0091



Door glass up stop rubber bumper for 1970-74 E bodies & 1971-74 B bodies. 2 used per door. Chrysler Part # 3440830. These are usually missing, damaged or tear when you try to remove an original one. 4 piece set. Made to Original OEM Standards for Quality and Fit. Note: Some original up stop bumpers may have had “flocking” (felt like glued on hairs/fibers). Not sure why that would have been applied since these never touch the glass. They were just up stop bumpers. These DO NOT have flocking. Note: May also work in a similar application on 66-68 B Body door glass up stop bumpers (factory service manual calls them “anti-rattle”). And 69 B body rear quarter window up stop bumpers. The factory part number for these bumpers is 2528040