79-81 R-Body Molded Carpet with Automatic Transmission


Reproduction. SKU # CPT0036-CP



Reproduction Molded 100% Cut Pile Carpets for all 79-81 R-Bodys, (Newport, New Yorker & St. Regis.), with Automatic Transmission or with Manual 3 Speed Column Shift. The Factory used 80/20 Loop Pile Carpet only up to the end of the 1973. From the begining of 1974 and on, they used this Cut Pile Carpet if you want to be Correct. These are Special Order Carpets only, as most Prefer the 80/20 Pile Carpets instead. Due to the Reproduction Process and the difference in Monitor Calibration, exact Colors are difficult to show. These Samples shown are close to the actual color, but might differ slightly from your Monitor. Carpets are custom-made to order and are NOT returnable for color match Issues. If you have any doubt about the color you need, Please give us a Call or Email us. NOTE: Any required holes are not Pre-cut into the carpet. These are also made longer and wider then needed, so the customer can achieve a Custom fit to their Vehicle. There will be cutting and modification involved in the installation process. They are Made in the USA by Trim Parts and are Licensed by Chrysler Group LLC. These will not Fade like the others Available by other Manufacturers and the fit is much nicer as well. We Stock Black, while most other Colours are ordered as Needed. Other Carpet Pile Types in Various Colours are also Available as a Special Order at an Additional Cost.