80-89 P/S Pressure Hose-Aftermarket


Each. See Details for Fitment. If you don’t see your Application, Please Call or Email us, and we will try to help you out.



Aftermarket Power Steering Hose for the following 80-89 RWD Vehicles;80 Aspen/Volare Slant Six/318. 80 Newport slant Six/318/360.80 New Yorker 318/360.80 Mirada Slant Six/318/360.80 St. Regis Slant Six/318/360.80 Gran Fury Slant Six/318/360.80 Caravelle Slant Six/318.80-81 Town & Country Slant Six/318.80-81 LeBaron Slant Six/318.80-83 Cordoba Slant Six/318.80-83 Diplomat Slant Six/318.81 Caravelle Slant Six.81 St. Regis Slant Six/318.81 Newport Slant Six/318.81 New Yorker 318.81-83 Imperial 318.81-83 Mirada Slant Six/318.81-83 Gran Fury Slant Six/318.82 Caravelle Slant Six/318.82 New Yorker Slant Six/318.83 Caravelle Salon Slant Six/31883 New Yorker Fifth Avenue Slant Six/318.84 Caravelle Salon 318.84-89 Gran Fury 318.84-89 Fifth Avenue 318.84-89 Diplomat 318.89 Caravelle Salon 318. Replaces OEM Part #’s 3643438, 3643477, 3815991 and 4333062. If you don’t see your Application in any of our Listings, Please Call or Email us, and we will try to help you out. NOTE; Hose may appear different from your original, but this is what the Aftermarket has Supersceded it too, and will work for these applications.