Factory Original 5/16″ Type Fuel Filter, Date Code 2121-(July 31st 1971)-Repro





This is a Nice Reproduction of the OEM 5/16″ Fuel Filter that would’ve come installed on all Vehicles with all Engines when Purchased new. This one is Date Coded with “2121”, (212th day of 1971 = July 31, 1971), which would make this one usable for Vehicles Built anytime after this Date, and up to the Date Code of the Next Repro Fuel Filter available from us that you will find here on our Website with Several different Date Codes to choose from. The Replacement type Fuel Filters that were available from the Dealer of the time are different, as the Manufacture Code & Date Code was Printed below the Mopar Label along the Inlet edge instead of to the Right of the Mopar Label with the Direction Arrow in between them on the Factory installed types like these are. Includes (2) pieces of Correct 2″ “KV” marked Hose and (4) Keystone-Oetiker Clamps.