Fuel Tank Strap J-Bolt Reproduction


Each. Reproduction. SKU # FU0005



Reproduction fuel tank strap J-Bolt. These are used on most vehicles with dual straps from 1960 and on. (The following mentioned list of Vehicles will NOT use these J-Bolts; 60-67 A-Bodys, 66-67 B-Bodys, 60-66 Y-Bodys(Imperials), 60-61 Wagons, 68-73 C-Body Wagons-Although they do use it on the Rear Strap and 73-74 B-Body Wagons.) All other passenger vehicles that are not in the above list, will use these J-Bolts. Replaces OEM Part #’s 1944171, 2074032, 2643824, 2962212, 3906578 and 4002006. MADE IN USA.