Gen III Hemi(5.7, 6.1,6.4) Jet 180 Degree Thermostat


Each. Run your Gen III Hemi Cooler and produce more Power.



The JET 180 Degree Thermostat with Seal is designed to reduce Engine Temperature and produce more Horsepower. It is made from Stainless Steel which ensures extreme durability. This Thermostat allows the Engine to operate at its peak efficiency and provide a Denser Air/Fuel Mixture. The Factory 205º Thermostat simply cycles open and closed; this reduces cooling efficiency in any engine. With the 180º thermostat you get consistent Engine cooling and provides a Precise Metering of water throughout the Engine.NOTE: When installing, make sure that the Small Brass Bleeder on the Inside of the T-Stat is at the Top(Highest) Position. You should also use a Programmer like the one from “Diablo” and reset your Fan Temps to get the Full advantage from it.Fan Settings: Make the following Fan Temperature adjustments with your Diablosport Tuner. Set all Fan Settings (both Air Condition On and AC Off) to:All HS (High Speed) Fan Settings to 194 Degrees.All LS (Low Speed) Fan Settings to 189 Degrees.All MS (Med. Speed) Fan Settings to 192 Degrees.Failure to Set your Fan Settings at these Temperatures will result in your Fans to constantly run and can cause your Fan Motors to burn out Prematurely.