Holley 390 CFM 4V Carburetor with Vaccum Sec., Single Feed & Electric Choke-New


Each. 390 CFM Four Barrel Street/Strip Standard Finish Carburetor Part # 0-8007.



Holley’s 390 CFM 0-8007 Zinc Construction, (Standard Gold Dichromate Finish), with Vaccum Secondaries allows the use on a wide variety of Vehicles. Intended for Small V8’s, 6 Cyl. Engines like the 170,198 and 225 Slant Six Engines or 2 X 4 Street Tunnel Ram setups. This Carburetor has the Following Features; Electric Choke, Single Feed Fuel Inlet, 1 Timed (Spark) Port, 1 Full Vaccum, and 1 PCV Port.