TTI Gen3 Hemi 1-3/4″ 5.7L – 6.1L Headers Designed for: 67-76 A-body, 62-74 B-body and 70-74 E-body. With Coil-over Suspension. Raw.

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Raw 1-3/4″ 5.7L-6.1L Hemi Headers Designed for: 67-76 A-body, 62-74 B-body and 70-74 E-body With Coil-over Suspension. Primary tube size: 1-3/4″ O.D. Collector Size: 3″ With 3-bolt flange. Flanges: 3/8″ thick, laser-cut, contoured for a leak free fit. This header is designed to fit with the starter on the driver’s side. For more details visit the TTI Website.Price does not include shipping. FOB from Corona, CA 92880-1726 . Shipping can be very expensive depending on your location. For an accurate shipping rate please call us.