TTI Gen3 Hemi 2″ 6.1L – 6.4L Headers Designed for: 67-76 A-body, 62-74 B-body and 70-74 E-body. With Torsion Bars. Raw.

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Raw 2″ 6.1L – 6.4L Headers With Torsion Bars.  Designed for: 67-76 A-body, 62-74 B-body, 70-74 E-body. Starter on driver’s side. Primary tube size: 2″ O.D. Collector Size: 3.5″ With 3-bolt flange. Flanges: 3/8″ thick, laser-cut, contoured for a leak free fit. For more details visit the TTI Website.Price does not include shipping. FOB from Corona, CA 92880-1726 . Shipping can be very expensive depending on your location. For an accurate shipping rate please call us.