TTi X-Pipe 66-70 B Body Station Wagon Manifolds 3″ With Mufflers. Corner-exit, Blunt-cut.

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Designed for: 66-70 B Body Station Wagon 3″ O.D. Tailpipe Corner-exit, Blunt-cut. Exhaust system contains: 2-pc H-pipe mid-section assembly, Dynomax Super Turbo Mufflers, Muffler hangers, Over-axle Tailpipes,Tailpipe hanger receptacles, Clamps, nuts, bolts & washers necessary for the bolt-on installation.Headers & Polished exhaust tips sold separately.For more details visit the TTI Website.Price does not include shipping. FOB from Corona, CA 92880-1726 . Shipping can be very expensive depending on your location. For an accurate shipping rate please call us.