1955-61 Master Cylinder
1955-61 Master Cylinder1955-61 Master Cylinder
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SKU#: BH0313

Reproduction - See Product Details for fit.

Reproduction - 1955-61 Master Cylinder. Fits: 55-Late 58 Plymouth With Manual Brakes 55-61 PLymouth With Power Brakes 55-61 Dodge Full Size With Power Brakes 55-Late 58 Dodge With Manual Brakes 56-Late 58 Desoto With Manual Brakes 56-61 Desoto With Power Brakes 56-Late 58 Chrysler With Manual Brakes 56-61 Chrysler With Power Brakes 57-61 Imperial With Power Brakes 60-66 Pickup Some NOTE: Does not have attached pushrod. Early manual brake cars used a 2 piece adjustable pushrod which was a slip fit. This was used up to late 58 built manual brake cars. Late 58 and up manual brake cars used a captive pushrod.

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